Cannabis Seeds Cornwall

Female Seeds

Gold Bars
£ 75.00

Gold Barz by Holy Smoke Seeds is an absolute stand-out strain from Holy; she comes packing an amazingly complex stone and an intricate flavour to match! 

Jelly Donuts
£ 75.00

Jelly Donuts uses the Jelly Tots as the mother to create the Jelly Donuts, Jelly Tots released last year by Holy Smoke Seeds.

Pink Pineapple Kush
£ 75.00

Pink Pineapple Kush is one of the newest drops from Holy Smoke Seeds, the pack includes 6x Pink Pineapple Kush & it also comes with a bonus promo of 2x Blueberry Pancakes & 2x Gucci, giving you ten feminised seeds for the price of 6!